Month: November 2014

Tips And Tricks For Keeping Your Car Running Properly

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Getting your car to a functioning state should be a top priority for you. Not having a working car can make getting around so hard. Do not assume you will have to spend a fortune to get your vehicle fixed. Keep reading to learn more about the basic repairs you can do yourself or find out more… – Auto Body –

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Giving back to those who serve

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Even small gestures of gratitude can mean a lot to veterans and military families

As an Air Force veteran – and the son of a disabled vet –  I understand the sacrifices that serving our country can entail. That’s why I believe in finding ways – large and small ­– to demonstrate appreciation to military families and veterans.

I applaud, for example, the many shops that donate refurbished vehicles to active military families and veterans in need, and I appreciate efforts like 3M’s “Wounded Warriors” project. But don’t feel like taking on a big project is the only way you can help and honor those serving our nation. A friend of mine who is a hairstylist, for example, goes to Walter Reed Army Medical Center regularly to provide free haircuts to recovering soldiers. I think all of us should look for ways to say thanks.

Some of those opportunities may benefit your business as well. Every branch of the military has a recruitment website where you can look at resumes of people getting out of the military, or you can post a help wanted ad. When I was a shop owner, I used the Army Career and Alumni Program website to recruit employees from among those leaving the Army. After all, these folks are talented and disciplined and used to showing up on time, and deserve a chance at a new career after their service.

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Repair University – Estimating Front End Collision Damage

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In today’s autobody center the most common estimated damage is a front end collision.

It this episode, Larry Montanez P&L Consultants takes us through the basics and general considerations an estimator or appraiser must consider when completing an estimate.

Learn the advantages of minor tear down and blueprinting, how to use the OEM repair guidelines and the software guide to estimating for specific requirements of repair.