Month: January 2015

Top 10 Ways Auto Body Shops Can Ensure a Positive Customer Experience

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Top 10 Ways Auto Body Shops Can Ensure a Positive Customer Experience

A successful auto body shop ensures that their customers have a quality experience. The moment customers walk into your shop, you’ll want to make a positive first impression to start building a relationship and hopefully encourage repeat and referral business.

Here are some ways that auto body shops can impress customers and boost the image of their shop, the quality of the repair process, and the overall customer experience:

1. Provide unique and personalized service. Give the customer a personable and welcoming greeting when they enter an auto body shop. Be enthusiastic, stand up, and shake the customer’s hand. Give a positive greeting like “Hi! How are you? How can we help you today?” and remember to smile.

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Top 10 Driving Apps for Your Smartphone

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Driving Apps for Smartphones We all have maps, GPS or navigation apps that come with our smartphones. Take advantage of your smartphone by downloading more advanced driving apps that can help you become a safer driver, block texting while driving, monitor your teen’s driving habits, boost your gas mileage, prepare for a road trip, or help you maintain your car.

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Tips For Winter Driving, Are You Prepared?

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Becoming ready for winter is important for all motorists, especially the people who depend on driving to make a living. Whether you just making short journeys or are covering long distances, it’s worth ensuring you’re completely prepared for any issues that can, or will frequently appear in winter weather.

Since the season is fast approaching, you should put some things something in place to relieve you of the possible suffering of winter driving. Winter weather really has the capacity to transform very fast. These are the list of things you can do to keep you going during the winter season.

1. Keep Your Windscreen Wipers In Good Condition:-










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Tips for Safe Winter Driving

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Severe weather can be both frightening and dangerous for automobile travel. Motorists should know the safe winter driving rules for dealing with winter road emergencies.

Winter driving presents a number of challenges to both you and your vehicle. Your vehicle’s mechanical abilities are tested by the cold weather, and dangerous winter driving conditions test your abilities as a driver.

Here are our winter driving tips to get ready for the sleet and slippery covered roads and polar vortex like freezing temperatures.

Carwise recommends the following winter driving tips:

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Rivet Applications In Collision Repair on Repair University

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There is a lot of talk around Rivet applications for Collision Repair.

While attending the SEMA show, Kristen and Larry visited a variety of OEM’s and equipment suppliers to talk about rivets and repair processes.

In this video, they cover the various types of rivets from coated steel to aluminum as well as the variety of tools for performing the needed repairs.

Rail Section and Apron Replacement With Rivet Bonding BMW i3

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You’ve heard about Aluminum and Rivet repair procedures in today’s collision repair centers, but have you seen it?

In this episode of Repair University we review the procedures for a rail and apron replacement on the new BMW I3. From proper fixture to preparation of the replacement parts, using a rivet bonding procedure will create new obstacles in today’s bodyshops.