Top 10 Ways Auto Body Shops Can Ensure a Positive Customer Experience

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Top 10 Ways Auto Body Shops Can Ensure a Positive Customer Experience

A successful auto body shop ensures that their customers have a quality experience. The moment customers walk into your shop, you’ll want to make a positive first impression to start building a relationship and hopefully encourage repeat and referral business.

Here are some ways that auto body shops can impress customers and boost the image of their shop, the quality of the repair process, and the overall customer experience:

1. Provide unique and personalized service. Give the customer a personable and welcoming greeting when they enter an auto body shop. Be enthusiastic, stand up, and shake the customer’s hand. Give a positive greeting like “Hi! How are you? How can we help you today?” and remember to smile.

2. Make them feel comfortable. Before launching into the details about the accident and getting into the repairs needed, try to make things less stressful for the customer. Provide them with a comfortable chair and offer refreshments like water, coffee, or tea to help put customers in a more relaxed state of mind.

3. Ask about the accident. Allow the customer to introduce themselves and ask them about the accident. Asking about the accident is method of showing compassion for their situation.

4. Show empathy and concern. Show empathy about their accident and why they are in your auto body shop. Ask several questions about their well-being, if there were any passengers, and show that you are personally concerned. Give them a sense that you understand what they are going through and you will help them feel more at ease with their dilemma while they are in your auto body shop.

5. Listen to the customer. Take notes and write down all the details like what happened, how the accident occurred, and jot down any concerns that the customer may have. When the customer sees you taking notes, it shows that you are actively listening, paying close attention to their needs, and conveys that you are taking in all the information they are telling you.

6. Exchange contact information. It is best to not only take down the customer’s name, address, phone, and email address, but to offer your contact information to them and let them know how you can be reached if they have any questions.

7. Send repair status updates. After getting their information, ask them how they would like to be contacted. Impress your customers by letting them know that your auto body shop can send them frequent repair status updates via email or text message through the Carwise™ Repair Status tool.

8. Do a walk-around. Conducting a walk around of the customer’s vehicle while they are present to show that you are thoroughly checking their vehicle. Assess the vehicle’s options, features, mileage, lights, and capture digital images. Mark down all the damage related to the accident and ask the customer if they want any unrelated damages that you find fixed as well.

9. Connect with the customer on a personal level. Try to develop a personal connection with your customers to separate yourself from other auto body shops and establish repeat or referral business.

10. Discuss the estimated completion date. Usually the first thing that customers want to know is when their car will be ready. An auto body shop will not offer a completion date until everything is researched and all the parts that are needed are confirmed. You can give an estimate or let them know that you can not only send them email or text messages for update, but they can also check their repair status on their using the website or mobile app.


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