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Advanced Economical Vehicles HD June 2015

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PROSPOT Aluminum Welding

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Larry Montanez, P&L Consultants and contributing editor to ABRN and Hammer & Dolly Magazine demonstrates popular Aluminum welding techniques featuring the Pro Spot SP-5.

The SP-5 Smart MIG has three MIG torches that can be set up for three different base metals(Aluminum, Silicon Bronze and Steel). The shielding gas and weld program with the appropriate synergic curve automatically switch when pulling the trigger. The SP-5 is ideal for body shops welding stainless steel, aluminum and zinc coated steel. In synergic mode, the microprocessor controls optimal arc stability and weld quality. The SP-5 also comes equipped for TIG and MMA/stick welding. MIG and TIG welding can be done in continuous or pulse mode. Maximum power output of 200 A.