Understanding Collision Repair For Steel Components on Repair University

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While the industry seems to be focusing on Aluminum, still a majority of collision repair involves steel. And to tell the truth, we’re not doing it well.
On this episode of Repair University we discuss the types of steel involved in vehicle construction, it’s purposes, joining methods and repair replace reasoning.

Repair University: Tips For Becoming A Better Estimator

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Estimating damage in a collision repair facility is a critical step in not only customer satisfaction, but shop profitability.

It’s important that the appraiser of the damage understand all the needed operations to completely repair the vehicle in an economical and efficient manner. When it comes down to it, the estimate will set the tone and the pace of the repair while also serving as the single source for shop compensation.
In this episode of Repair University, Jason Bartanen from I-CAR joins us to discuss the best tips for becoming a better estimator.
From insurance adjuster to Independent appraiser to shop estimator identifying damage and the needed steps to repair can be the most valuable asset to a customer.

PROSPOT Aluminum Welding

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Larry Montanez, P&L Consultants and contributing editor to ABRN and Hammer & Dolly Magazine demonstrates popular Aluminum welding techniques featuring the Pro Spot SP-5.

The SP-5 Smart MIG has three MIG torches that can be set up for three different base metals(Aluminum, Silicon Bronze and Steel). The shielding gas and weld program with the appropriate synergic curve automatically switch when pulling the trigger. The SP-5 is ideal for body shops welding stainless steel, aluminum and zinc coated steel. In synergic mode, the microprocessor controls optimal arc stability and weld quality. The SP-5 also comes equipped for TIG and MMA/stick welding. MIG and TIG welding can be done in continuous or pulse mode. Maximum power output of 200 A.

Rail Section and Apron Replacement With Rivet Bonding BMW i3

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You’ve heard about Aluminum and Rivet repair procedures in today’s collision repair centers, but have you seen it?

In this episode of Repair University we review the procedures for a rail and apron replacement on the new BMW I3. From proper fixture to preparation of the replacement parts, using a rivet bonding procedure will create new obstacles in today’s bodyshops.



Replacement car bumpers weaker than originals

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Today’s cars and car parts are made not just in one place, but many. Toyotas hail from Mississippi, Volkswagens are assembled in America, and Chryslers aren’t just made in Detroit any more. But replacement parts for all these car types and makes come mainly from China. (FAQ: What kind of parts are used to repair my car?)

When a car needs structural repair, parts for a GM, Chrysler, VW, or even a BMW are sourced from factories that have never produced, or likely ever even seen, the whole vehicle.

Replacement body parts often don’t come from the manufacturer that produced the originals used in the fabrication of the car, but very likely will come from a factory that produces only parts for the aftermarket network of buyers and distributors.

That’s because there is a flourishing market in parts manufactured all over the globe, but mainly in China, that represents a billion dollars plus in imports to the U.S. market.

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Repair University – Estimating Front End Collision Damage

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In today’s autobody center the most common estimated damage is a front end collision.

It this episode, Larry Montanez P&L Consultants takes us through the basics and general considerations an estimator or appraiser must consider when completing an estimate.

Learn the advantages of minor tear down and blueprinting, how to use the OEM repair guidelines and the software guide to estimating for specific requirements of repair.

Welded Sectioning Procedures in Collision Repair Estimating

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In this episode of Repair University we discuss considerations and planning for an estimator if the repair will call for the replacement or sectioning of a welded component.

Collision Photography

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Taking high quality collision photos is a must when validating vehicle damage written on your estimate. Hi-Tech Toolbox™ hosts Bob Medved and Roger Cada discuss and demonstrate proven methods for improving your collision photography.

Retail Tip Gross Profit Margin

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Tips on how to figure out your Gross Profit Benchmark